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Total Smart Floor™

The application combines all of our independent modules to create the most powerful and connected casino environment on the planet.

Slot Dispatch

Optimize your workforce with RTA Rules-Based mobile technology. Proactively prioritize service to execute the most valuable actions per your rules in real-time. Design your property’s rules to maximize employee efficiencies, greatly reduce response times, and boost customer satisfaction!

host & Player Development

Proactively service your most valuable customers by listening to your data. Increase host utilization with RTA mobile technology, reduce and recover from service variances in real-time, re-invest in your customers at the perfect time, and substantially drive revenue!

Recognize and capitalize on connecting with the right customers at the right time in order to maximize their experience, spend, and time on property…visit after visit!

Food & Beverage

Strengthen your customer relationships by automating your food and beverage systems to deliver personalized experiences to your loyal customers, who will remember these unmatched encounters and come back for more…. with friends!

Mobile Mealbook & Technician

Electronically capture and store your MEALbook entries to eliminate time spent using, maintaining, and storing paper logs. Access SQL reporting tool to review all MEALbook entries.

Drive Technician efficiencies and minimize machine downtime using mobile devices.

table games

Prioritize and proactively serve the most important customers at your table games.

other products


Recognize all your customers' preferences and provide an engaged, personalized in-store shopping experience.


Provide personalized, consistent, patient care and reduce the operational strain of billing and insurance collections.

Stadiums & venues

Identify VIP attendees and enhance their experience by providing best-in-class service.


Recognize all guests and members while on-property and tailor experiences to their individual tastes and preferences.

Custom Environment Solutions

Whatever your needs are, we can tailor unique rules-based systems to execute your objectives.